Outlined in this document are the primary commercial terms presented by Britannia Airport Cars. These terms are designed to promote clarity, enabling our valued clients to fully grasp their rights, responsibilities, roles, and duties when availing our elite services.

1. Company and Service Profile:

2. Contractual Terms:

Opting to book with Britannia Airport Cars embodies a client's agreement to secure our services per these established terms. A formal contract materialises once Britannia Airport Cars forwards a confirmation email to the client.


  • Before 12 hours from the designated pickup time: Clients can expect a full refund.

  • Within 12 hours of the pickup time: Refunds are typically not granted. Exceptions are in place for proven flight cancellations, under which circumstances a full refund will be initiated.

4. Pricing Mechanism:

Britannia Airport Cars stands by a steadfast pricing model. Once a reservation is locked in, clients can rest assured the quoted fare remains static, epitomising our transparency ethos.

5. Child Safety Provisions:

In accordance with the UK Government Guidelines, Britannia Airport Cars facilitates travel for children and infants without the imperative for child or infant car seats. Should clients desire specific car seats, an auxiliary charge of £15 per infant/child becomes applicable.

6. Vehicle Selection:

Clients bear the responsibility to select an apt vehicle that can accommodate their passengers and luggage requirements. An exhaustive list of available vehicles can be found on Britannia Airport Cars Fleet. In scenarios where the dispatched vehicle diverges from the booked one, corrective actions will ensue.

7. Lost Items Procedure:

In the event personal items are inadvertently left in our vehicles, Britannia Airport Cars will promptly reach out to the respective owner. Should contact attempts remain unfruitful, we ensure the belongings are safely retained until further notice.

Britannia Airport Cars earnestly recommends clients familiarize themselves with these terms to guarantee a smooth and transparent journey experience.